Gimbals & Optical Mounts


Aerotech gimbals and optical mounts provide ultra-precise angular position, rate, and acceleration for development and production testing of a wide range of systems. They are ideal for directing optics, lasers, antennas, and sensors at high speed to very precise pointing angles. Typical gimbal and optical mount applications include missile seeker test and calibration, LIDAR, electro-optic sensor and FLIR testing, airborne target tracking, optical testing of space-based sensors in a vacuum, and angular testing of inertial sensors such as gyros, MEMS, accelerometers, and inertial reference units.

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  • AOM130手動光学マウント


    AOM130シリーズの光学マウントは、最大で直径609.6 mmの重量の大型レンズの位置決めをするために設計されています。 この光学マウントは主要な核融合・高出力レーザーの研究開発に採用されています…  続き>

2 個の結果 /ページ