Powerful Controller Capabilities

Our controller has many built-in capabilities that help you maximize performance and lessen the burden of integration and motion design. A few examples of these capabilities are highlighted here.

IFOV Infinite Field of View (IFOV)

Synchronize galvo scanners with motion stage

Complex Kinematics Complex Kinematics

Perform multi-axis inverse kinematics

高調波消去 高調波消去

Eliminate effects of periodic disturbances

方向ゲインスケジュール 動的ゲインスケジュール

Automatically adjust servo gains based on changing conditions

コマンドシェーピング コマンドシェーピング

Improve throughput with flexible payloads

Position Synchronized Output Position Synchronized Output (PSO)

Trigger I/O based on position feedback with low latency

Easy Tune EasyTune

Tune your system like a motion-control expert

反復学習制御 反復学習制御

Advanced learning algorithm to improve contouring

ガントリーコントロール ガントリーコントロール

Simplified control of gantry motion systems

Alignment Algorithms Alignment Algorithms

Automatically align motion to an external input signal

Themo Comp ThermoComp

Eliminate environmental effects on motion systems

Enhanced Throughput Module Enhanced Throughput Module

Minimize move times and increase throughput

Motion Designer Motion Designer

Graphically generate and edit motion profiles

Enhanced Tracking Control Enhanced Tracking Control

Improve dynamic tracking performance

高度なレーザーコントロール 高度なレーザーコントロール

Complete laser process control

CADFusion CADFusion

Quickly create motion programs from DXF/DWG files