PRO-SV Long-Travel Lift Stages



  • Vertical motion with travel lengths up to 50 mm, overall heights as compact as 95 mm, speeds up to 20 mm/s, and payload capacities up to 60 kg
  • High-precision crossed-roller bearings result in excellent straightness and angular performance
  • Precision-ground ball-screw, slotless torque motor, and low-expansion linear encoder contribute to a 10 nm achievable step size
  • High-reliability drive mechanism contributes to the long service life
  • Available with ThermoComp® for consistent performance in changing environments
Aerotech’s PRO-SV series of lift stages provide long-travel, ultra-precise vertical motion in the shortest possible form factor. Three distinct models, each with a variety of configurable features and options, offer a diverse selection of travel range and payload capacity combinations, making the PRO-SV an excellent choice for all applications in which high-performance vertical motion is important.

Long Travel in a Low-Profile Package

Unlike other types of vertical motion stages, PRO-SV features a drive mechanism that impinges directly on the moving carriage. This provides an exceptionally long range of vertical travel and  maintains the shortest height possible, granting free and clear access to the user’s payload. Minimizing the work-point height is especially important in designing motion systems because it minimizes the Abbe offset, thus contributing to greater overall precision.

Precisely Engineered for Superior Performance

A major problem commonly associated with lift stages is subpar geometric performance (i.e., straightness, pitch, roll, and yaw). PRO-SV provides an innovative solution to this problem. Guided by anti-creep and crossed-roller bearings, the moving carriage is thoroughly supported in all directions, making PRO-SV the most precise commercially-available lift stage on the market. Additionally, a slotless, brushless torque motor is joined directly to a large-diameter, precision-ground ball-screw drive mechanism to position even the heaviest payloads with extremely smooth, cog-free motion. The lack of belts, gears, and flex-couplings contributes to PRO-SV’s high reliability and eliminates sources of error from wind-up and excessive backlash.

Features for Design and Integration Flexibility

PRO-SV is engineered for seamless integration into multi-axis stage platforms, motion systems, and machines. It mounts directly to Aerotech’s renowned PRO-SL and PRO-LM linear translation stages and is available with an optional accessory tabletop, to which a variety of Aerotech rotary stages or other process equipment can be integrated. Directly-coupled rotary encoder feedback is standard, and several optional high-resolution linear encoder additions exist for enhanced precision and high bandwidth when operating with dual-loop feedback. When payload management safety is critical, PRO-SV can be configured with an absolute linear encoder, as well as a holding brake, to provide extra levels of protection against inadvertent damage.

Mitigate Thermal Errors with ThermoComp

Temperature changes and thermal effects can be the most detrimental sources of error in precision machines, and screw drives are particularly susceptible. To combat this issue, PRO-SV stages are available with Aerotech’s ThermoComp® feature, an integrated temperature compensation solution that delivers accurate and dependable positioning performance in the presence of thermal disturbances. It protects the stage from the effects of variable-temperature environments and friction-induced self-heating, ultimately providing stability to the user’s process, even in extreme industrial environments.


PRO-SV Specifications

移動量 20 mm 35 mm 50 mm
Accuracy1 標準 ±4 µm ±5 µm ±6 µm
較正時 ±0.75 µm
Calibrated, with Linear Encoder ±0.5 µm
分解能(最小 インクリメンタル運動) With Rotary Encoder2 0.025 µm
With Linear and Rotary Encoder3 0.010 µm
双方向繰り返し精度1 With Rotary Encoder ±0.5 µm
With Linear and Rotary Encoder ±0.15 µm
直線性 ±3 µm ±4 µm ±5 µm
ピッチ 50 µrad (10 arc sec) 70 µrad (14 arc sec)
ロール 50 µrad (10 arc sec) 70 µrad (14 arc sec)
ヨー 25 µrad (5 arc sec) 30 µrad (6 arc sec)
Maximum Speed4 10 mm/s 20 mm/s
耐荷重5,6 20 kg 40 kg 60 kg
ステージ質量7 5.4 kg 10.2 kg 17.8 kg
材料 アルマイト
  1. -PL1/-PL2オプションで認定されています。
  2. With 1 Vpp amplified sine rotary encoder (-E1 feedback option) and linear amplifier.
  3. With 1 Vpp amplified sine linear encoder (-E3, -E4 feedback options) and linear amplifier.
  4. 十分な電圧・電流を備えた適切なアンプを選択する必要があります。
  5. 軸積み込みのための軸の定位置が記載されています。
  6. A holding brake (-BK option) is recommended when the payload exceeds 75% of the load capacity as a precaution in the event that power to the stage is unexpectedly lost.
  7. Excludes tabletop and brake options.
  8. Specifications are for single-axis systems measured 35 mm above the tabletop. Performance of multi-axis systems depends on payload and workpoint. Consult factory for details.
ドライブシステム Brushless Torque Motor
フィードバック 回転

Incremental encoder, 1 Vpp
Digital encoder, RS422
10,052 lines/rev (PRO165SV, PRO190SV) or 14,452 lines/rev (PRO225SV)

リニア Incremental encoder, 1 Vpp with 20 µm scale
Digital encoder, RS422 with 0.0625 µm resolution
Absolute encoder, EnDat 2.2 with 0.001 µm resolution
最大バス電圧 DC 340V
リミットスイッチ 5 V, normally-closed

Multi-Axis A3200

NDrive CP/NDrive HPe/NDrive HLe/Npaq

Ensemble Ensemble CP/Ensemble HPe/Ensemble HLe
Multi-Axis A3200

Soloist CP/Soloist HPe/Soloist HLe



  • Load Curves



PRO-SV Long-Travel Lift Stage

オプション 説明
PRO165SV-020 PRO165SV mechanical-bearing, ball-screw lift stage, 20 mm travel
PRO190SV-035 PRO190SV mechanical-bearing, ball-screw lift stage, 35 mm travel
PRO225SV-050 PRO225SV mechanical-bearing, ball-screw lift stage, 50 mm travel


オプション 説明
-E1 Rotary incremental encoder, 1 Vpp
-E2 Rotary incremental encoder, digital RS-422
-E3 Direct linear encoder, 1 Vpp + rotary encoder, 1 Vpp (dual-loop)
-E4 Direct linear encoder, 1 Vpp + rotary encoder, digital RS-422 (dual-loop)
-E5 Direct linear encoder, digital RS-422 + rotary encoder, 1 Vpp (dual-loop)
-E6 Direct linear encoder, digital RS-422 + rotary encoder, digital RS-422 (dual-loop)
-E7 Absolute linear encoder + rotary encoder, 1 Vpp (dual-loop)


オプション 説明
-TT3 選択した回転ステージ用マウント付きアクセサリテーブルトップ


オプション 説明
-BK 保持ブレーキ

Note: The holding brake option is recommended when the payload exceeds 75% of the load capacity as a precaution in the event that power to the stage is unexpectedly lost.


オプション 説明
-TCMP ThermoComp内蔵熱補償


オプション 説明
-LF ホイストリング


オプション 説明
-PL0 計測性能プロットなし
-PL1 計測、性能プロットで較正なし
-PL2 計測、性能プロットによる較正済み(HALAR)


Aerotechは、標準とカスタムの両方の統合サービスを提供し、お客様のシステムをできるだけ早く完全に運用できるよう支援します。 このシステムでは、次の標準統合オプションを使用できます。 必要な統合レベルがわからない場合、または御社のシステムにカスタム統合サポートが必要な場合は、Aerotechにご相談ください。

オプション 説明
-TAS 統合 - システムとしてテスト
一緒に使用される完全なシステム(例: ドライブ、コントローラ、ステージ)として、コンポーネントグループのテスト、統合、および文書化を行います。 これには、パラメータファイルの生成、システムチューニング、およびシステム構成の文書化が含まれます。
-TAC 統合 - コンポーネントとしてテスト
個々のアイテムを一緒に出荷される個別のコンポーネントとしてテストおよび統合します。 これは通常、スペアパーツ、交換部品、または一緒に使用されないアイテムに使用されます。 こうしたコンポーネントは、より大きいシステムの一部である場合もあればそうでない場合もあります。